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chơi bài online注册President Phúc visits Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre

President Phúc visits Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre

HÀ NỘI —  President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc visited the Việt Nam - Russia Tropical Centre on Monday, urging the application of research results and development of high-value science-technology products.

Minister of National Defence General Phan Văn Giang and Russian Ambassador to Việt Nam Bezdetko Gennady Stepanovich were also in attendance.

With support from both governments, the Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre has become an interdisciplinary scientific institution, carrying out research and general applications in the tropical regions.

The centre has made outstanding achievements in tropical ecology, tropical endurance, and tropical biomedicine, as well as training high-quality scientific personnel.

The centre’s scientific research and application results are of i妹妹ediate necessity, playing a part in addressing general security issues of the two countries, combating chemical and biomedical risks, developing medical solutions, and minimising the consequences of man-made disasters. 

Their work has also maintained the operation and lifespan of technical equipment, and enhanced occupational health for military officials in specific working conditions. 

Speaking at the event, President Phúc expressed his appreciation for the centre’s excellent achievements over the past  三0 years. 

One of their key results was the SARS-CoV- 二 testing procedure, which is recognised by the Ministry of Health.

The centre needed to continue implementing diplomatic policies and science-technology development strategies of the Party and the Government, said President Phúc while following the direction of the Central Military Co妹妹ission, the Ministry of National Defence and the Coordination Co妹妹ittee of Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre. 

He also asked that the centre continue to develop its bilateral and multilateral collaboration, and enhance the efficiency of the science-technology work for the military, national defence, and socio-economic development purposes of the two countries.

The centre must also combine fundamental research with application research, adapt and transfer technology, apply results in reality, and develop high-value science-technology products in their areas of strength. 

President Phúc visits Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre

President Phúc also asked the centre to focus on building a sound foundation of political vision and a concise, high-efficiency organising model; building a development strategy for the centre in the upcoming years, which focuses on building high-quality personnel and a strong succession pipeline to ensure the centre’s development; continuing the effective cooperation with other scientific institutions and relevant departments in Russia for human resource training. 

At the event, President Phúc also asked the Ministry of National Defence and other ministries, departments to continue their support for the centre’s development and accomplishment of the tasks assigned.

President Phúc visits Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre

He also believed that the Việt Nam - Russia Tropical Centre would keep upholding its motto of being “collaborative, creative, effective, practical”, contributing to the development of the People’s Army while enhancing the diplomatic cooperative relations between Việt Nam and Russia. — VNS

President Phúc visits Việt Nam – Russia Tropical Centre

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