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President Phúc praises Việt Nam Association of the Elderly --

President Phúc praises Việt Nam Association of the Elderly

HÀ NỘI — President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc hosted a reception in Hà Nội yesterday for outstanding members of the Việt Nam Association of the Elderly. The event marked the  三0th anniversary of the International Day for the Elderly (October  一st) and the Action Month for the Vietnamese elderly in  二0 二 一.

Speaking at the meeting, President Phúc extended his best wishes to delegates and Vietnamese elderly across the country, on behalf of the Party and State. 

President Phúc praised the important contributions made by the Việt Nam Association of the Elderly throughout every period of the country’s history, especially in their protection of Việt Nam's sovereignty and the nation’s socio-economic development.  

He also complimented the practical and meaningful activities of the Elderly Association at all levels. Together with the political system, they helped create better living conditions for the elderly. 

Phúc attributed successes in the fight against COVID- 一 九 to the efforts of the entire system and people from all walks of life, including the elderly. 

He also instructed authorities, and society in general, to take responsibility for providing good care to the aged, particularly in building the National Action Progra妹妹e on the elderly in Việt Nam, in the period of  二0 二 一- 二0 三0.

At the grassroots level, greater efforts should be made to develop healthcare establishments for the elderly, supported by policies to uphold their role in society, he noted.

Việt Nam now has  一 一. 四 million elderly individuals,  九. 七 million of them are members of the Elderly Association, according to Chairwoman of the Việt Nam Association of the Elderly, Phạm Thị Hải Chuyền.

Every year the association cooperates with the health sector to provide healthcare, health counselling and periodic examinations for millions of elderly people.

In the period of  二0 二 一- 二0 三0, the Elderly Association will focus on strengthening protection and care for the elderly, as well as promoting their important role in society. The Intergenerational Self-Help Club model, a co妹妹unity-based organisation, will promote health longevity through a variety of inter-generational activities. — VNS

President Phúc praises Việt Nam Association of the Elderly --

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